The Story of Hands

Hand lines are unique, just like fingerprints, and have different meanings for each of us. Each hand line and fingers have a name and meaning.

People whose heart line is deep and tangled in the form of a chain experience emotional problems and their world of feelings is turbulent; It has been observed that a flat heart line indicates a stable, somewhat monotonous mood.

People with long and deep head lines have high mental capacities; If this line runs parallel to the heart line, it shows that you have a logic-based mindset, and if it slopes downwards towards the palm of your hand, it shows that you have an intuition-based mindset.

If the life line starts close to your thumb, you have low energy. A line with many curves indicates that you are very energetic and optimistic. If there are extra lines in the line semicircle, it means you are stronger and more enthusiastic. If the lines are straight and in the middle of your palm, you are a very shy person. A deep and long line indicates that you will live longer and healthier.

Which Hand Do You Use?

Right Hand: Represents the divine dimension. It is a symbol of observation, knowledge and wisdom, reasons, ultimate truth, offering and compassion consciousness.

Left Hand: represents the world of beings. It is a symbol of controlling the active mind, thinking of intention, blessing, principle, temporary reality, watching, inner remembrance and love.

Thumb: It is the symbol of the divine energy flowing through our body independently of subconscious patterns. It represents willpower, emptiness and infinity.

Index Finger: Also known as the Jupiter Finger. It represents the Ego aspect of our personality. It is the symbol of energies controlled by subconscious patterns. Its energy is enhancing, it represents air and wind.

Middle Finger: Saturn Finger. The most karmic and conditional of energies. This finger brings heavy, powerful, balancing energies. It is a symbol of desire and discipline. It represents fire.

Ring Finger: It is known as the finger of Apollo. It is associated with energies that strengthen the person. Not to be confused with cosmic, eternal, solar light. It is a symbol of relationships, healing and energy. It represents water. It is said that the ring finger of the left hand has the power to heal a wound if struck and that this finger is directly connected to the heart.

Little Finger: Known as the finger of Mercury. It radiates energies that help open the intellectual mind and energy. It is the symbol of communication. It represents the world. TO

Water Hand: Caring and compassionate, but also sensitive and romantic, Water hand people are idealistic about their relationships. Water hand owners have an interest in art. They can become truly rich thanks to their creative talents. Water hand holders enjoy crowds when traveling and enjoy cultural activities, music festivals, and ancient sites and historical sites. Being fragile and highly emotional, Water hand individuals have difficulty coping with the difficulties of modern life. These people, who are easy-going and easily affected by events, may have difficulty making decisions on their own.

Fire Hand: They fall in love easily and get bored easily. Owners of the Fire hand, the hand of leaders and organizers, enjoy controlling events. They are passionate about struggle and adventure, and can work easily even in stressful situations. Fire hand people, who have a dynamic nature, are prone to heart diseases. People with fire hands are adventurous. She enjoys going to undiscovered places and enjoys getting to know different cultures through different clothes. Strong, positive and charismatic, these types do every job they undertake with enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Air Hand: Intelligent and humorous, the Air hand person is surrounded by many friends, but he is very selective about his close friends. It is the creator of machinery, computers, electronics and all other modern devices. Because of their overactive minds, they constantly experience nervous system problems and related fatigue. They need to make time for mental relaxation. The owner of the air hand happily invests his money by making various investments. Owners of air hands enjoy communicating with people and people. They take great pleasure in traveling to foreign countries.

Earth Hand: Known for their honesty and common sense, Earth Hand people are perceived as serious people. They hate change and need job security. Owners of land hands should avoid stress and excess weight. Regular exercise and plenty of fresh air will help them maintain their health. Landlords earn money by working hard and slowly. These people enjoy fresh air and open space. The earth-loving person who prefers a country house rather than a city enjoys being close to the earth and is in harmony with nature.

“Four fundamental forces are responsible for all known events, from the birth of a galaxy to the birth of a baby.”

The reason why everyone in the world raises their hands and prays is the energy centers in our hands and fingers.

Thumb: Spirit, Universal & Divine energy

Index finger: Air

Middle finger: Fire

Ring finger: Water

Little finger: Earth

Palm: Crown Chakra

Fuzuli says, “The human body consists of fire, air, water and soil, and the soul comes from God.”

4 elements are the source of our body. The 5th element is Spirit. It is Universal Energy. This is a secret known in all ancient cultures, whether shaman, pagan, Buddhist or Sufism...

Universal Energy

All living things on earth draw life energy in two ways. From Nature and Sky. In other words, from universal energy. We draw energies from the earth with our body and from the sky with our soul and combine them in our heart chakra. Thus, our heart's eyes are opened. Anyone who wants to enter the city of his body must feed from the earth and the sky, not from the sea of ​​humanity. This is why it is so important that we learn to open our chakras in a balanced manner in order to reach our essence.

If we belonged to a rose family or a bird family, our life energy would be balanced and harmonious. However, we belong to the human family. As we all know, there are some problems in the use of energy in this family. It is very important for us to know body wisdom for healthy and balanced energy exchange...

Healing Process

Healing hands have been one of the traditional healing methods for centuries. Especially all mothers and women know this. Because this energy is essentially "yin", that is, feminine energy.

Once the chakras in your body are opened, your hands become the source of healing. Energy begins to flow through your fingers and palm like water.

As your energy increases, you can open the door of wishes, prayers, intentions and healing more strongly. You can give physical and spiritual healing to both yourself and your loved ones by touching them with your hands.

Think of all the things that have been produced over the centuries; Sculptures, Paintings, Music, everything in those huge museums. Everything we use in our homes and workplaces. Everything we produce and consume is made by hands. I make so many "hand" designs because I see it as a very miraculous formation. Again with my hands...

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