“Moko Art Design is a jewelry brand created and designed by Faruk Özcan in Kadıköy, Istanbul. Founded in 2016, each piece is rich in symbolism borrowed from the worlds of art, history and science, with a harmonious juxtaposition of luxury and storytelling. Each piece is an unusually sensitive exploration of iconic symbols and stories. Faruk works to create handmade ceremonial jewelry that carries meaning and will be passed down through generations.”

From 2005 to 2016, I came across very nice people in Istanbul's famous Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest and largest jewelry markets in the world. I started as an apprentice to an Armenian master in 2005. I apprenticed in a diamond workshop for 3-4 years, and then worked as a journeyman and master with different diamond companies in the market until 2016. I have had a professional life as they say, "training from the ground up".

Because of the tiring commercial concerns of the jewelry companies, I got bored with their ordinary designs and wanted to create my own designs under the name of Moko Art Design by combining the traditional jewelry techniques I learned in the Grand Bazaar and my own areas of interest, sculpture and carving.

"Moko" in Moko Art Design is a kind of camouflage that New Zealand native Maoris do on their faces before going hunting. This camouflage has become a permanent tattoo over time. The lines on the faces of the tribesmen increased depending on their cultural level, hunting skills, special powers, knowledge and number of children. Although throughout the history of existence, human beings have tried to paint all the symbols that they consider to be sacred and final for themselves on different surfaces, these tattoos, which are made on the images that express their feelings and thoughts through facial expressions and are often the starting point of physical communication, are the purest and absolute evidence of the individual's inner journey. Moko is a defense, a camouflage, Moko is attack, proliferation and extinction, Moko is being one with nature.

I create my designs entirely by hand, blending the mystical stories offered by nature, the universe and the great artists it creates in an ethnic pool.

Art and Design are my interests. I continue to pursue my curiosity in various branches of art in order to be satisfied with the pleasure of ethnic melodies, detailed paintings, experiences and instruments created to understand my soul. With this curiosity, I also produce works in sculpture, music and painting, but I only offer my jewelery for sale.

It seeks to combine the quiet intimacy and elegance of jewelery with the magic of storytelling: narratives born from myths, cultures and stories both new and old; I try to progress through universal and personal structures.

I attach importance to excellent workmanship at every stage of production. I strive to create timeless designs using quality and ethically sourced materials. I focus on details whose craftsmanship is vital in creating pieces that complement the wearer's unique personal style. I believe that great jewelry should not only be beautiful, but also tell a story and evoke a sense of magic.

My designs have reached thousands of people since 2016. I am very happy for everyone I have been able to touch in this beautiful adventure. I am very happy for all the souls, some of whom believe in a new story, some of whom believe in a touch, and I feel like a part of me is walking next to them. I hope my designs find soul with you...

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