Mystical and Powerful Viking Talismans

The ancient Scandinavians, one of the most mystical and magnificent communities in the history we know about on earth, are called vikings, which means pirates in the old language. According to this ancient society, life begins with the sacred tree Yddgrasil, which is located in the center of the world and extends from one end to heaven and the other to hell. The ultimate goal for the Vikings, who portray the gods they believe in as mortal like themselves, is to go to the magnificent gates of the "hall of the dead", that is, Wallaha, where they fight and feast every day with God King Odin. Only if a Viking dies fighting on a battlefield can he enter Valhala accompanied by Odin's assistants, the Valkyries, young and beautiful virgin warriors. Vikings, who lived with such a belief, used the talismans given to them by their gods to overcome all the difficulties they experienced throughout their history, to survive or to die with dignity and go to Valhalla. They asked their gods for the power, strength and luck they needed, sometimes by engraving these talismans on their bodies, sometimes on their weapons, clothes or jewelry. Whether you believe in any religion or not, these talismans, which were shaped by the pure faith of such a mystical society and which they relied on while fulfilling the goals they lived for for centuries, still prevail in these lands. I embroider these talismans, shaped by the pure beliefs and desires of this society, which has sacrificed everything to prepare themselves for their sublime end throughout the centuries of its existence, into the works I create to bring the power, wisdom, good luck and might that it promises to its owners.

Yggdrasil - Tree of Destiny

The tree of life, which was the beginning of life for the Vikings, also represents the perception of time for this society that unconditionally believed in fate. The talisman symbolizing this tree was used to bring a happy and glorious life to the Vikings.


Vegvisir, a magical compass, was given to the Vikings so that they could find the right way on sea and land and return from the wars they participated in. The talisman depicting this magical compass existed to protect the being to which it belonged and to show it the right path in all difficult conditions.

Helm of Awe

This magic symbol is the most powerful and mysterious symbol in known viking history. Before starting the war, the Vikings drew this symbol on their foreheads with their own blood and demanded power, might and absolute success from their gods. This talisman exists to bring strength to the person it belongs to and keep him/her alive at all costs during the difficult times he/she goes through.
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