The Story of the Fallow Deer Horn

A Goddess who existed on the island of Elephantine on the sacred Nile river in ancient Egypt. Sales…
Another duty of Satis, the goddess of hunting and fertility, was to protect the most sacred site in ancient Egypt.
that is, to protect the Nile River.
Satis would later marry the god Khnum and give birth to the nile goddess Anuket.
Satis, to whom lovers prayed to be united, women to give birth to a child, and hunters to not return empty-handed from the hunt, appeared to mortals in the form of a fallow deer.
Satis, who truly represented fertility among the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses with her motherhood, was powerful enough to be assigned to protect the Sacred Nile River.
Inspired by the Goddess Satis, it conveys every different positive effect in the strongest way, depending on the natural stones used, making everyone who wears it just like Satis protecting the waters of the Nile.
I created the Fallow Deer Horn for his protection.
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