From Aztecs to Ancient Egypt

Precious stones have been the center of attention for centuries, from the Aztecs to Ancient Egypt, from Islamic geography to China and Ancient Greece, with their colors, sparkles and therapeutic effects, and continue to be so. Semi-precious and precious stones, called "crystals" due to their crystalline structures, have been seen not only as accessories but also as sources of healing. Due to their crystalline structure, the best crystals hold, transform and spread the cosmic energy that gives life energy to the world and humanity. If we consider the formation time of crystal, that is, natural stone, as approximately 30 million years, we can call natural stone an energy cube. Naturally, its connection with cosmic energy is very strong. The energy of the “crystal” is the only regular atomic structure in nature. It has a great memory because it contains water, and universal knowledge because it stores cosmic energy.
The positive effects of stones are due to their crystal structures, not magical powers. The crystal structure of natural stones causes changes in energy in positive and negative directions, that is, it transforms, accelerates and slows down energy. The reason for this energy in the stones is; It is explained as the fact that they have been underground for millions of years, close to the energy center of the earth, and that they are charged with positive energy as they come to the surface. These stones and crystals, which form a ball of energy when they come to earth, generously distribute their stored energy to people. It is even known that these stones turn into coal at the end of the healing process. While they take negative energy from you and give positive energy, some changes occur in their physical structure and as a result, these stones that heal you destroy themselves.
The first effect of stones is in the energy dimension. By interacting with the stone and human energy, it removes energy blockages in the body. The second effect is that the minerals contained in the stones are absorbed through the skin and turned into medicine.
All gemstones have their origin in the molten magma of the earth's core, which is in constant motion and always trying to reach the outer surface. Only a small fraction of this red-hot mass produces volcanic activity and lava flows, and magma flows mostly into underground fissures in the planet's bottom layer. This mass of molten rock and minerals is accompanied by boiling water, steam and gases. As they cool, they combine with many minerals accumulated in these crevices to form crystals and precious stones. These precious stones, which have completed their formation and development over millions of years, constantly store powerful electromagnetic energy within them. What heals people is this electromagnetic power combined with the mineral structures inside the stones.
36 of the 250 precious stones discovered in the world are found in Anatolian lands. Turkey is also a rich country in terms of quartz family stones. You can balance your energy with amethyst from this family and protect yourself from radioactive rays with pink quartz. 
There are two ways to use stones. Either make jewelry, a necklace or a keychain and carry it with us or keep it in the places we live. Stones taken for healing should be used in the chakras they are related to. Quartz crystals have a special place among stones and have great effects on human life. In the simplest terms, it is energy directing. Energy regulation, blood pressure regulation, radiation protection, chakra opening, healing, etc. is used. In the bedroom, use female quartz, which relieves insomnia, and yellow topaz, which helps us have beautiful dreams. Male quartz is not used in the bedroom because when stimulated by the energy of the Moon, this stone emits very strong energy and can cause insomnia. Citrine stone, which is good for stomach disorders, is used in the kitchen; Amethyst, which is good for eye diseases, is in the computer room; You can use olivine stone, which regulates heart palpitations, in your rest room, and lapis stone in your bedroom, as it is effective in respiratory diseases and protects against negative energy.
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