The Story of David

The story of David, the youngest of a father's 8 sons, the shepherd of 3-5 sheep, who risks his self to protect and save his people who oppress and despise him, when the giant Goliath appears in his land, threatening to destroy and slaughter his people, while he continues his existence in the lowest layer of society as if he had never existed.
The shepherd David, who had never held a sword or a pen throughout his life, was on the battlefield to assist his 7 older brothers who were going to fight against the enemies of his people. When the giant Goliath, the famous gunfighter of the Philistines, who was 3 meters tall and grew up with a sword and spear in his hand as soon as he came out of his mother's womb, moved his shield to another soldier, went to the middle of the square and mocked the army in front of him, crying out that he was looking for a soldier to fight with him and that if he lost, he would drive his army from these lands and leave the Israelis alone. Naive David ran to King Saul, who did not care about him and even despised him. "No one should be discouraged because of this Philistine! I, your servant, will go and fight with him!" . With the permission he received from King Saul, he stood in front of the giant Goliath without hesitation, with the 3-5 pieces of stone he collected from the streamside and the sling he made from a piece of cloth. When he swung his sling with all the self-confidence and power his faith gave him, the stone he threw hit both Goliath, the tyrant, and the oppressors.
This story would inspire Michelangelo, one of the most futuristic artists of all time, in the 1500s and enable him to create the Statue of David, an eternal work of art that would later become a symbol of freedom and equality for a society. Unlike other artists who depicted this story, Michelangelo depicted David with all his self-confidence and careful stance before he threw the stone that killed Goliath. Inspired by this work, which offers us the whole story and emotion in a monolithic spirit with its perfect implementation techniques and the finest details, I made "David" for you, sharing the same feelings and remembering the sacrifices of David's naive soul.
MICHAEL ANGELUS BONAROTUS, who used the artist only once in his life in his masterpiece called Piata, to restore the spirit and art of Michelangelo, from whom I was inspired, and added it on a cross band to Meryem's dress after catching the thief and returning the Piata, just before the work was stolen and sold as an "antique". FLORENTINUS FACIEBAT / Made by Florentine Michelangelo Bounarroti. I engraved his signature on the back of my work with my own hand engraving.
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