According to shamanism, crystals are solidified light. They emit, collect, transform, attract and repel energy; They are just like a magnet. And they are the oldest wise beings of the universe. They were there before us. 
They collect radiation emitted by mobile phones, radios and computers, and strengthen mental concentration. They create a mental alchemy. Every disease is a negativity. In addition to medicines, they are objects that can be used for supporting and healing purposes. They are static, but as Einstein said, they are a solidified form of energy.
The way to be healthy is to maintain the balance between body-mind-spirit. Sometimes we cannot do this. Because we have a very important rival; Our ego... It is ready to grab us and trap us at any moment, every minute.
In order to integrate with our true self, we must always keep good thoughts in our lives. If we see this as a way of life, a discipline, we will be less susceptible to the games of the ego.
And of course, music... Especially listening to the music of Bach and Beethoven brings one's vibrations into resonance with the vibrations of the universe. 
Using the golden ratio and Fibonacci's numerical sequences, Bach is a composer who captured the natural rhythm of the universe. 
The stone group that I focus on the most is the quartz group. This group is piezzoelectric stones with the chemical formula SIO2. A certain pressure applied on it creates an electrical voltage between the crystal surfaces. Because of this feature, crystals are used in technology today. Without the crystals, everything would have been more difficult for the computer system. 
As it is known, solids consist of charged particles, and negatively and positively charged particles are in balance in a solid. However, applying a force on the stone mechanically causes surface charges to form and creates an electric field. This electromagnetic field, the energy we call aura, is the body itself. So stones are living beings. Just as the entire universe is a living organism.
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