This dazzlingly beautiful stone, named Labradorite because it was quarried from the coast of Labrador in Canada, is formed at very high temperatures in magmatic rocks expelled by volcanoes. Although onyx and labradorite are mentioned a lot in the holy book, it started to be used in jewelry and its name was mentioned in 1770. It was discovered on the island of Labrador by Czech missionary Pater ADOLF. It was found in the Thrace region of our country in 1970. (Of course, it is not removed.)

It is one of the Calcium, Sodium and Aluminum Silicates. Its hardness is between 6 and 6.5. It is formed by the phenocrystallization of primary minerals that crystallize in the triclinic system and give rise to rock formation, and the mineralization of basic pegmatites.

It is operated in mineral deposits in Canada, Madagascar, Finland, Norway, Russia, India and Central America. It contains many colors from black to red, orange to green, blue to yellow.

Labradorite, which is in the class of natural stones, is also called "Black Moon stone". This crystal, formed at high temperatures, carries universal life energy.

The beautiful energy of Labradorite crystal gives you happiness and affects you positively. You can activate and strengthen your third eye through introversion exercises with Labradorite. In some countries, the term "Temple of the Stars" is used for Labradorite. The reason for this is that it is believed that a person can open his clairvoyance, receive broad visions, make astral travels, that is, pass to different layers of existence.

Labradorite Stone Benefits;

* Beneficial for eyes

* Strengthens night vision.

* It is useful in balancing high blood pressure.

* It is useful in complaints such as spine diseases, calcium deficiency, sensitivity to seasonal changes and excessive coldness.

* Provides inner calm that will enable better focus and concentration. Due to this feature, it is useful to use it in situations that require intense attention, such as exams.

* It helps the person analyze his past and current life.

It is used for spiritual development. This stone is a reflection of nature and this makes it different from many other stones. It is known that this stone, formed at very high temperatures, carries life energy. It helps us overcome the things that limit us in our minds and make new discoveries. By tapping into our subconscious, it helps us develop mystical new abilities and strengthen our aura. “Magic is believing in yourself, if you believe in yourself you can make anything possible,” said Goethe. So magic is more than pulling a rabbit out of a hat, it's about believing in yourself and finding your purpose in life that will allow you to better express everything in the universe that gives you meaning. If you are interested in the Labradorite stone, this may be a sign that you need a spiritual revision. Labradorite awakens the subconscious that you divide the whole world into thousands of possibilities with your creativity. Labradorite offers you endless possibilities and adventures by inviting you into that narrow and deep well that the rabbit enters. The deeper you go into this well, the more curious it may become. The term "Temple of the Stars" is used for Labradorite, it is used to transition to different layers of existence. It deepens the old phenomenon of "feeling", which we call the third eye .

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