Creation of Adam Design Story

Creation of Adam

The fresco group covering the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican is one of the paintings containing 9 separate stories from the Old Testament, depicted with Michelangelo's original design. The Creation of Adam fresco is located in the center of the ceiling, at the focal point. Although the subject of the fresco has been produced in many different interpretations throughout the history of art, Michelangelo's depiction is engraved in memories as the work that deals with the subject in the most special and effective way.

Adam's weak body, waiting to come to life, tries to reach his God, and God floats towards Adam with his angels under his cloak. Adam's slightly bent wrist and lifelessly fallen fingers contrast with God's contracted, strong fingers.

We feel that God, who is speeding through the void, will touch Adam's finger a little later and give him life and Adam's weak body will come to life and rise up. I design the moment right before this touch as a necklace and pay my respects to Michelangelo and his God.

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