Moon Stone

Moonstone, which is included in the Feldspar group, got its name because it reflects the glow of the moon.

In the 15th century, travelers used the blue reflection of the Moonstone to find their way while walking in the desert and forest.

In the 12th and 13th centuries, there were objects and tools made of moonstone in the environment of fertile mothers, and it was believed that they purified them from evil spirits.

If you own a Moonstone, if you can find the right angle during the full moon, you can actually see the Moonstone communicating with the “Moon”.

It is a very fragile stone and very difficult to process and set.

Moonstone completes a very small part of the soil on earth, the majority of it is mined in Brazil, but it is mined in Madagascar, America, Sri Lanka, Germany and India.

Minerals cooked under the ground for a long time fall into our lives with a fire, Volcanoes!

Since ancient times, volcanoes have been identified with manifestations of supreme forces.

Its destructive power fascinates and frightens people at the same time.

In minutes, an active volcano can destroy all life around it and change the space around it beyond recognition,

However, volcanoes can be observed as large elements, active lava flows and sparklers resembling large fireworks.

Active people who want craters attract us.

Natural stones carried to the surface by volcanoes are hidden by marble-like rocks.

You cannot understand the beauty of the inside unless you cut it open.

Some of us build walls outside...

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