Talisman and Talisman Stones

Talismans are at least as old as human history. In ancient times, they used talismans for survival wars, protection from enemies, and droughts of people and land. In the last century, this belief was shelved and turned to television and the internet; It has become inconspicuous to people connected to technology. Many of them unknowingly bought talisman necklaces and wore them around their necks. They were attracted by the visual appeal of popular shapes, such as evil eye beads and medallions, without paying attention to their meanings.

I find the ancient viking power talismans and the presence talismans of the Egyptian gods very appealing. You can see the viking power talismans under the part that holds the stone in my Wing and Horn collection. Talismans/natural stones call out to you in the silence of the dark night, they carry the whisper of the universe. You don't need to listen to them or understand what they say, they will never make you bad. Talismans that call for rain are important signs that call for a new savior. For centuries, the Christian world has become famous for its rituals of burning sorcerers and has used talismans prepared by sorcerers. For thousands of years, people have named objects that they believe carry a secret power because of the pictures, signs, inscriptions on them, or simply because of their color, shape, or rarity. Talismanic stones; For thousands of years, people have produced not only the writings, pictures and patterns they have produced; They believed that precious and semi-precious stones and some organic materials also had talismanic powers. Some; Diamond: It has provided magical protection to women against men for centuries. It is believed that the diamond received as a gift has more protective properties than the one purchased. Protects from magic, poisoning, disease and nightmares; It prevents anger and ensures resilience. Emerald: It is believed to bring rain because of its green color. It acts as a tonic for body-soul-mind and is a strong emotional balancer. Emerald is also called the "Stone of Unconditional Love" in some places. It is considered the best gift that lovers can give each other. Citrine: It is beneficial for the kidney, colon, lungs, digestive organs and heart. Some merchants put citrine, also known as the "Merchant's Stone", in their safes, believing that it increases their financial power. Amber: It helps to overcome bad luck and opens luck. It is believed that his necklace protects against poisoning. When carved in the shape of a penis and worn, it is effective against the evil eye and evil spirits. Amber processed in animal forms increases sexual power in men and fertility in women. It treats goiter disease when hung around the neck without losing its natural shape. Garnet: It is believed to increase sexual energy and sensitivity and correct sexual imbalances, so it is also called the "Stone of Passions". Talisman garnets made in the shape of hearts serve to attract spouses and lovers, and when placed under beds and pillows, they drive away bad dreams and evil spirits of the night. Amethyst: Amethyst; In ancient times, it was known as the "stone that destroys drunkenness". That's why, at that time, vessels such as goblets and bowls were made from amethyst. Additionally, it strengthens the endocrine and immune systems, cleanses the blood and gives energy. Quartz: It is an emotional balancer. It regulates brain functions. That crystal ball that sorcerers look at is quartz; they make predictions because quartz facilitates mental concentration. Pink quartz: Also called "Love Stone". It is believed that it protects the person who wears it from anger, guilt, fear and jealousy and is useful against infertility. Smoky quartz: This stone, also called the "Dream Stone"; It is believed to protect against despair, sadness, anger, depression and other negative effects. Tiger's eye: A type of quartz, this stone is believed to make its wearers less dependent on others. However, this may negatively affect bilateral relations, business life and partnerships. It also has therapeutic properties: It is beneficial for the digestive system, spleen, pancreas and colon. Opal: There are conflicting beliefs about it. It is also said to cause misfortune, but also to increase confidence and make one stronger against enemies. It strengthens the sense of sight and increases intuition. It can also be used to reach the upper mole. Hematite: Gives energy and vitality, reduces stress. Since it has high attraction power, it gives personal attraction, joy, courage and desire, and enables the undecided to make decisions. Ruby: Increases feelings of courage, spiritual development, leadership and happiness. It is believed that it is good for sexual excesses and protects against anxiety, fear, poisoning, mental disorders, premature death and even natural disasters such as floods and storms. Ruby gives strength and energy when worn in flesh or teeth. Agate: Strengthens the body and mind, protects the wearer from danger, and puts an end to disharmony. Agate; It is also beneficial for insomnia, cowardice, nightmares, evil eyes and metabolism. It makes one realize the facts. Aquamarine: It is said to give the wearer courage, especially in the face of death. Because of this quality and color, it is the most important talisman of sailors. It is also called the "Seer Stone" because it is used by oracles to see the future. It also calms the nerves, clarifies thinking and increases creativity. Strengthens kidney, liver, spleen and thyroid gland, cleanses the body Moonstone: Corrects disorders in the lymph system. It is a sacred stone in India and is believed to increase the passion of lovers. Women carry it because it is good for infertility, solves problems in the reproductive organs and facilitates birth. It is also said to dispel egoism and cure gluttony. Onyx: Reduces anxiety, balances the male/female conflict, strengthens the marrow, helps get rid of addictions.
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