Zultanite (Sultanite)

The unique beauty of Sultanite is in its various colors; Colors range from flashing yellows under sunny green fields to rich champagnes in traditional indoor lighting and raspberry tones in candlelight.
90 percent of all standard gemstones are just red, green or blue.
Sultanite stands out as a unique and unlimited alternative.
Color change makes all color changing gemstones unique.
Alexandrite, some Garnets and Sapphires change color depending on the strength of the light.
Unlike other color-changing gemstones, Sultanite's color change is not limited to two base colors. Same Sultanite,  Canary yellow, cognac pink, ginger, kiwi green, raspberry pink, rich champagne and sage green can showcase sparkles.
One of the most unique features of Sultanite is that its best color changes are not due to darker tones.
Like all stones, the larger the Sultanite, the greater the color variation and color intensity.
Compared to other color-changing gemstones, Sultanite's light sensitivity is much more attractive and subtle.
As a result, Sultanite, which is much better in mixed lighting than other color-changing gemstones, adapts to a wider variety of fashions, personalities and styles with the nature of its colors.
Sultanite (Zultanite), which is only found in our country in the world, is mined in the Anatolian Mountains at an altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level.
It is called Sultan stone. Of course, we do not do the mining and processing of the stone. This stone, extracted from our lands, was purchased by a Thai company with all its naming rights and is marketed to the world as the "Sultan Stone of the Ottoman Empire".
Since the stone is very fragile, mining and processing is very difficult. We can only use 10-15 percent of the extracted surface for jewelry. The rest break during processing and extraction of the stone.
Just as the stone changes color, it also tries to change the negative effects in your emotional world. It takes shape according to your energy and adapts to you. It is said that every woman should have a piece made with Sultanite. Color harmony and unhidden beauty that appeals to your soul are inevitable.
From day wear to evening wear, Sultanite's earthy tones will help you when you feel overly stressed in your daily life.
However, with its changing colors, it will adapt to the environment under daylight and spotlights for your invitations.
Sultanite, which was hand-processed by small-scale miners in our country in the mid-1980s, has been in commercial production only since 2006, with foreign businessmen doing this properly.
It is mined in places where there is no electricity or water, far away from even the closest village to Muğla's Milas district.
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