You will not read cliché horoscope comments here, you know the unique characteristics of the horoscopes or you can read them all from thousands of different places. Here I will talk about their mystical powers and what they experience when they come into harmony with natural stones, based on my long-term observations and research.
We are often exposed to high floods of emotions, and our ability to analyze has developed thanks to Pluto. We find easy ways for people to tell them what they want to hear and get what we want more easily. You can see its harmony with Garnet; the eye-catching red of Garnet calms the emotional intensity of the scorpion. It can make things easier for those of us who sometimes have difficulty making wise decisions. Our psychology is quite prone to deterioration, and we get along very well with Pink Quartz. It calms and normalizes the active state of Pluto, giving the opportunity to return to the serenity of nature. We love walking on fire, we prefer to mature through pain. Living inwardly causes us to constantly encounter mystical events. The scorpion symbolizes the place in the body where life and death begin, and is associated with Death, Destruction and Extinction. Here too, I can recommend the softness of Amethyst. Amethyst will make you have pleasant dreams and wake up to beautiful days, and your dreams at night will adorn your wear and tear during the day. This will make you happy when it's night and you need to sleep. Amethyst is a beautiful medicine.
We don't like to laugh that much, we can calmly move towards whatever we want. It is true that we are a little stubborn and vindictive, unfortunately we are the best in the zodiac generation in this regard. We have trust problems, that's why I give Labradorite. My suggestion to you is to put your hands on your stone and listen to how tired it gets during the day while you live with it. Stones will take bad things away from you. No stone has bad properties, but I can show you the stones that will benefit you the most...
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