Aquamarine means sea water. It is extracted as large and clean crystal pieces. It is used in jewelry in its processed form. It is a transparent and silicate type of Beryl. It is Light, Dark bluish or green in color and is very similar to Emerald. It forms mostly in conditions where beryl is present, and the finest are mined mostly in Russia.
•It is good for respiratory disorders, asthma, sore throat, bronchitis and thyroid gland disorders.
•Helps the digestive system function healthily.
•It helps in healing glands, tumors and other swellings.
•Keeps jaw bones and teeth healthy.
•Creates self-confidence, courage and balance. It gives the courage to express emotions.
•Thanks to its properties, it is one of the most suitable stones to be used against tension and stress. In this case, the edema of the blue color is great.
•It strengthens intuition by strengthening the relationship between body and mind.
•Helps overcome shyness, embarrassment and negative emotions. It gives positive energy. Increases the feeling of optimism and gives joy.
•Helps you find spiritual satisfaction in everything you do.
•Improves the power of mind and logic.
•It is a stone of abundance and good luck.
•If you have a perfectionist nature that believes that you are inadequate even in the things you do well; Aquamarine expands your vision to make you spiritually satisfied and helps you realize your own value.
• Strengthens memory, creates clear memory. It allows you to think logically and balanced.
•Keeps away from substances such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, weakens addiction to them
•Increases your self-confidence, eliminates the tendency to laziness
•Provides mental and physical relaxation. If you have an extremely angry, tense and excited nature, aquamarine will make you more peaceful.
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