Aragonite stone, which is a fragile and difficult to process stone in terms of its structure, is approximately 2.7 billion years old. It is one of the precious stones with many properties and healing powers.
Aragonite stone, which is also extracted from the Taurus Mountains in Turkey, has the feature of physically relaxing the person and combating spasms and nervous tics caused by psychological reasons. Aragonite, a balancing stone that focuses on the inside of the body and provides grounding, balances spiritual development. This stone, which also has a calming feature, increases the vibrations to a high spiritual level, energizes the physical body and prepares it for meditation.
By balancing the soil and root chakras, it deepens people's relationship with the soil. Aragonite, which also teaches acceptance and patience, combats hypersensitivity. People with hypersensitivity are the people who wear themselves out the most. Aragonite stone also makes it easier for people who wear themselves out. It also helps to concentrate and gives the mind tolerance and flexibility. Helping to think in detail about the causes of problems, aragonite provides support and strength by combating emotional stress and anger. Aragonite stone, which contains the properties of all healing stones, is a calcium carbonate-based stone.
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