You will not read cliché horoscope comments here, you know the unique characteristics of the horoscopes or you can read them all from thousands of different places. Here I will talk about their mystical powers and what they experience when they come into harmony with natural stones, based on my long- term observations and research .
The most flamboyant sign of the zodiac is Leo; You shine like the sun in every environment you enter. This feature actually comes from the Sun, the ruler of Leo. The warmth of the sun is felt all over your face. You spread a strong aura around you. There's no way people won't notice you, right? You also love being the center of attention. In fact, sometimes you get angry if you are not the center of attention. Being ignored is often your red dot. Your shadow side, the ego. From time to time you can go to the extra side of yourself. This can be a nasty ego exercise. This is not always bad, a lion identified with himself does not create unnecessary ego anyway. To balance this, I recommend Aquamarine and Pearl stones. It will add dignity to your reputation. You are one of the children of fire, your anger burns. For this, I recommend you the Strin stone. I know you always want it to be “you” but it doesn't always happen and when it doesn't you can't escape. So Strin will bring you this calmness, it will make your power unshakable and it will bring you what you want.
Do I need to mention his leadership ability? But what about his courage? This is the seed of your creation. The lion is the king of the jungle. Nothing can be said over your words. You are the embodiment of self-confidence. This must make it so much easier to get whatever you want. Also, what is yours belongs only to you. No one can claim what belongs to you. You will want to protect it at the cost of your life. This can sometimes lead to jealousy. I recommend you the Amber stone. It will help you make decisions and be clear while reducing your stress.
In the zodiac, Leo rules the 5th house. 5th house; It describes creativity, art, love, dating and entertainment in a general context. Leos are very good at flirting and love matters. When a lion leaves, he searches for his place. Leo is the first person to look for when going to have fun. It gives people a very enjoyable time. You are also very inclined towards arts. When you find your creativity, you can create great work. I recommend you Crystal Quartz and Ruby. While quartz helps you maintain your strength and vitality; Ruby will increase your luck and give you happiness and confidence.
When you can't see the sun in the sky, remember that it shines in your heart.
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