This stone, used by the first Romans in history, contains the Yin Yang philosophy. Yin Yang philosophy tries to reveal the opposite poles and any possible relationship between these poles. According to Yin Yang, everything is bipolar and opposite to each other. Yin is passive energy; It describes slow and comfortable movements, deep darkness, and a restful, soothing, regenerative energy like in sleep.
Yang is active energy; It is symbolized by bright lights, strong sounds and vibrant colors.
Poles definitely contain their opposite, even if only in small amounts. Brightness and warmth in the night; Presence of cold and shaded areas during the day; There is a male in a female appearance and a female in a male appearance; solution to every problem; love, hate; action of inaction; Just as defense accommodates attack. Small contrasting colored circles within the Tai-chi or Yin-Yang symbol describe this feature. Ultimately, Moon Stone plays a supporting role in helping us achieve this balance and helps us make correct and balanced decisions in your subconscious.
This stone has a brilliant blue glow that is visible under moonlight. Moonstone is used especially in making gems and jewelry and is also associated with some mystical properties. The chemical composition of Moon Stone consists of a mixture of potassium feldspar and plagioclase minerals. This mineral mixture is formed by the crystallization of volcanic rocks. Moonstone is found primarily in Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar and Madagascar. Moon Stone has properties similar to the materials found on the surface of the Moon and therefore takes its name from the Moon. Moon Stone has a special meaning for women. This stone is believed to improve women's intuition and is especially used by pregnant women. Additionally, Moonstone is associated with romance and love. For this reason, Moon Stone, used in jewelry making, is preferred by brides, especially at weddings. In mysticism, Moonstone is used because it enhances psychic perception and offers a spiritually rich journey. The energy of this stone is believed to increase intuitive abilities and provide inner guidance. It is also used to reduce stress and relieve anxiety and fears. Moonstone may also provide physical health benefits. This stone can help maintain hormonal balance and also regulate women's menstrual cycle. Additionally, Moonstone supports bone health and may help with sleep problems. Moonstone usually has a white, brown, gray or greenish color and may reflect blue, pink or orange colors under light. This feature arises from the arrangement of microscopic mineral particles in the moonstone. In astrology, moonstone is associated with the zodiac sign Cancer and represents sensitive, creative and intuitive energies. It is also thought to reflect female energy and symbolizes fertility, motherhood and female power. Moonstone is also considered a birth moon stone and is the symbol of those born in June. It is also recommended as a gift for the 13th wedding anniversary. To give more detailed information about Moon Stone, we can first talk about the optical properties of the stone. Moonstone has an optical property called refractive index. This feature occurs due to the crystal structure of different minerals in the stone. Moonstone has two different refractive index values, causing the stone to reflect light from different angles. Due to this feature, Moon Stone is preferred to create sparkles in different colors, especially in jewelry making. Moon Stone is also an interesting stone in terms of mineralogy. Its crystal structure consists of a mixture of potassium feldspar and plagioclase minerals. These minerals come together during the crystallization of volcanic rocks and form Moon Stone. Moonstone is mined from several different mines located primarily in Sri Lanka. The quality of Moonstone obtained from these mines may vary in terms of the clarity, colors and sparkle of the stone. Moonstone has some mystical properties and is also used in energy work. The energy of this stone is believed to increase women's intuition and inner guidance. Additionally, the energy of this stone can make it easier to remember dreams and have a spiritually rich experience. In addition, Moon Stone is also used to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and provide mental serenity. The use of the Moon Stone is also very important historically. Especially during the Ottoman Empire, Moonstone and other natural stones were important materials used in making jewelery and jewelry. Ottoman jewelery designers discovered the beauty and unique properties of Moonstone and frequently used this stone in jewelery design. Additionally, during the Ottoman period, due to Moonstone's energizing properties, some people used this stone for health and well-being. In conclusion, Moonstone is a natural stone and has interesting properties in terms of optics, mineralogy and mysticism. Use often in jewelry making As a result, moonstone is not only a beautiful jewelry material, but also a meaningful symbolic and emotional stone.
It gives us the opportunity to visualize the endless chaos within us and breathe in a little ocean air.
Leave your moonstone in the moonlight on a full moon. It opens you up to sudden ideas and will provide you with serenity for meditation.
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