Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger
It is a popular stone that has been known since ancient times and has survived to this day with the positive energy and emotion it gives to people. The unique color transitions and tones on the stones cause the tiger's eye stone to have a completely different beauty among precious stones.
It is widely believed in the power of using tiger eye stone to overcome situations such as stress and boredom. In addition to the peace and self-confidence it gives people, just looking at the tiger eye stone without touching it makes people feel at ease. In terms of its general properties, it has pain-relieving and emotionally refreshing properties.
Tiger's eye, symbolized as the stone of independence, is called the stone of harmony, courage and peace. The most important reason why it symbolizes independence is; It is thought that people who carry this stone feel less dependent on others. In a sense, it is one of the stones that is a bit dangerous to use in bilateral relations because it can cause less need for others.
Tiger's eye, one of the precious stones belonging to the Crystal Quartz group, got its name due to its unique colors and patterns that resemble the eyes of a tiger. Iron oxide contained in the stone; It adds a golden, honey and slightly brownish color. It is also known as the stone of lovers, as it is one of the rare stones that can directly affect people's emotions.
In addition, its value increases with its protective feature for those who carry it. Tiger eye stone can also change color in line with the behavior and emotions of the user. From past to present, it has been one of the stones used by Shamans, Indians and Buddhists to protect against magic and evil eyes.
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