You will not read cliché horoscope comments here, you know the unique characteristics of the horoscopes or you can read them all from thousands of different places. Here I will talk about their mystical powers and what they experience when they come into harmony with natural stones, based on my long-term observations and research.

The first child of the zodiac is Aries; While you achieve great things in your life with your leadership, you are relentless with your high energy. You have an active and ambitious nature. You can do anything to achieve your desires. But your anger burns everywhere. You get angry easily and may lose control from time to time. I recommend Quartz, the symbol of wisdom, so that you can control and calm your anger. You will receive the reward of the signal that quartz sends to the universe with its versatile walk on humans. After using quartz for a few days, you should leave it in sunlight for a while without using it. You must ensure that the quartz that collects bad energy is purified. You are the ruler of the 1st house in the zodiac. 1st House encompasses the self, purpose, priorities, vitality, and motivation. As long as you put yourself forward, you will be happy. Always maintain your motivation and imbibe the constructive self. You are the gateway to the outside world. You enlighten with your initiative. I recommend Agate stone to protect your energy and vitality in good health. It will also reduce your stress.

Ruling planet; Mars is named after the Roman god of war. While Mars makes you a brave, daring and energetic warrior, it activates the shadow side of authoritarianism. Aries who like to put pressure on others are beautiful with Strin. Strin regulates self-confidence and destructive tendencies. This stone energizes fat, helps blood circulate in the body and positive energies penetrate the body. In ancient times, people interested in trade would have strin in their safes. You will see that there will be good returns. Strin, like Amethyst, will make the negative thoughts in your area go away from you. It helps with emotional disorders we call depression. The lower abdominal chakra sees through the eye of the strin.

You exist to leave your mark on this world with your spirit that never goes out.

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