You will not read cliché horoscope comments here, you know the unique characteristics of the horoscopes or you can read them all from thousands of different places. Here I will talk about their mystical powers and what they experience when they come into harmony with natural stones, based on my long-term observations and research.
I have never seen anyone else who loves experimental and original living so much. I don't understand how you keep your feet on the ground like that despite your constant impulsive behavior. You are free, you love very much, I will recommend Garnet (garnet) and Rose Quartz for the problems you have in love. Moonstone for your destructive behavior. While Garnet can make you interesting to compatible people, Rose Quartz will bring out the compassion in you. Rose quartz will make the person next to you come very close to you. You have a fixed mind, you can look around a little more. You like to have new information, quartz will help you with this. Quartz, which metaphysically represents the infinite power of force and the universe, helps its carrier greatly in this regard.
In ancient times, Quartz crystals were used for rain prayers and in the wands of scholars. Quartz, which tries to bring thought forms into life, will deepen you in this regard. We are not looking for the perfect person, we are trying to live life the right way.

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