Garnet-Garnet stone

It is known by three names: garnet, garnet and garnet. Garnet, which is one of the healing stones that turns all the negative energy in the body of the people who use it into positive, has male and female types. The male species is dark red and the female species is light red.
Red garnet, the stone of devotion, contains kundalin energy.
Kundalini is the soothing, maternal, pure vital energy located in the triangular sacrum bone at the bottom of our spinal cord. In other words, it is the power of pure desire within us.
Kundalini brings you into balance and helps develop your positive inner qualities, says Shri Mataji.
The reflection of your Kundalini energy is the vibrations – that is, the cool breeze. As Shri Mataji explains, vibrations are the integrated power of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sides.
“This energy is nothing but love”,
“Your kundalini rises on its own. You don't need to say anything or imagine anything. It just goes up. “This is a living process.”
“This Kundalini is yours, your desire, your own. If you receive your enlightenment, this also belongs to you.”
In this process, this unique stone helps balance your kubdal energy.
Garnet stone is one of the most powerful stones in terms of its effect and is also known as the stone of strength. It provides support to the person in managing stress, directing negative energies to the positive side, increasing sexual energy and sensitivity, and coping with sexual imbalance.
It enables the person to connect to life and strengthens the enjoyment of life.
In ancient times, it was believed that the person using this stone would alleviate sadness, grief and emotional pain.
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