General features

Compatible Zodiac Sign: Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Capricorn and Scorpio

Color: Essentially colorless. However, it is also available in a few different colours.

Things it symbolizes: Love, affection

Main Countries of Origin: Australia, Ghana, Zaire, Russia, USA, Brazil, South Africa, India

Diamond is pure carbon in an equal crystal structure. A diamond can only be cut with another diamond. Its ability to refract light and separate it into the colors in its composition is very high. Its most intense shine occurs as a result of a special cut called "Diamond".

It is the most valuable and sharpest of stones. The green color in diamonds occurs due to the effect of natural radiation. When rubbed, it becomes positively charged. It is not affected by acids. While it is used as jewelry, it is also used as a cutting tool, especially glass and other stones.

Although it is thought to be formed by crystallization of carbon atoms, how it is formed remains a mystery. The most important difference between a diamond and a diamond cut is that the lower part of the diamond is flat and the diamond is domed. Diamond is also called the "stone of dreams".


It has properties that eliminate blockages in brain functions and personality and is also a basic therapeutic feature.
In addition to cleansing the body and eliminating negative forces, it also has the power to unite and integrate the mind, soul and body.
It is a symbol of abundance, purity, innocence, joy and loyalty.
Diamonds are believed to bring luck in love, adventure and financial ventures.
It provides success and courage to the bearer.
It calms people down and prevents them from having scary dreams.
It is accepted that it protects against magic and poisoning.

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