Rutile Quartz

Rutile Quartz
Rutile quartz (Rutile quartz) is an effective integrator for all types of energy. This precious stone, also known as angel hair, has high energy. It has intense healing power. Rutile quartz can be colorless or reddish brown in color. But what makes it stand out are the reddish or black thread-like lines inside.
Benefits of Rutile Quartz (Angel Hair) Stone
Spiritually, it has a perfect balance of cosmic light. It is illuminating for the soul and encourages the spiritual body. This stone, which is an astral travel stone, cleans the aura and gives energy. Like other quartzes, it has the ability to attract negative energy. It helps to overcome the negativities that prevent spiritual development. It emits an antidepressant effect by collecting sunlight.
It is a stone that provides energy to people who feel excessive tiredness and exhaustion and have a lack of energy. It has a positive effect on respiratory tract disorders and thyroid disorders. It removes parasites from the body. Supports cell renewal. Rutile quartz should be applied to the neck if it is to be used for the thyroid, to the abdominal cavity if it is to be used for energy, and to the ears for balance.
It solves fears, phobias, psychological problems and has a kind of antidepressant feature.

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