Citrine stone, which is rare in nature and one of the most powerful stones in terms of its properties, belongs to the quartz family. Citrine gets its color from iron minarets, hematite and limonite mixed into the composition of silicon dioxide. Citrine stone takes its name from the Greek word "Citron", meaning lemon. Citrine, which usually contains a frozen water drop, turns into water again when broken. Citrine stone occurs in places where hydrothermal activities occur, in pegmatites and rock cavities.

Properties of Citrine Stone

Citrine stone, which has a variety of colors ranging from yellow to light brown and green, has a transparent and translucent structural appearance, its compatible element is fire, and its chemical group is silicate. Hidden power, youth and the infinite power of the universe are the areas where citrine is the symbol.
Citrine, which carries the power of the sun, is also a protective stone for the natural environment. Because it absorbs, transforms, disperses and grounds negative energy. It is an aura protector. It acts as an early warning system, helping the person to be warned of possible dangers and to take action to protect himself. Citrine stone has the ability to cleanse the chakras, especially the navel and abdominal chakras. Citrine, a generous and cheerful stone, encourages a person to share what he has and helps him preserve his wealth. It has the power to bring happiness to everyone who holds the stone and carries it around their neck. It encourages the person to enjoy new experiences.
Benefits of Citrine Stone
In ancient times, people engaged in trade used to keep citrine stones in their safes. The reason for this was that they believed that the citrine stone made money abundant. For this reason, Citrine stone is also called "Merchant Stone". The important known benefits of citrine stone, which increases its effect even more when used with quartz stone, are as follows:
•In ancient times, it was used together with quartz stone in prayers for rain.
•Citrine stone, which helps stimulate brain functions, also has emotional balancing properties.
•It collects, accumulates and activates the positive energy around the person, and destroys the negative energy and turns it into positive energy. Thus, it also calms the nerves.
•The citrine stone worn around the neck protects you from other people's negative energy.
•Citrine stone revitalizes the nerves and blood, and helps the internal secretion glands, especially the thyroid gland, to function properly.
•Citrine attracts abundance and abundance in the inner and outer world towards itself.
•Helps relieve severe headaches.
•Gives energy to the body and ensures mental concentration.
•A person who carries the citrine stone in his body increases his self-confidence and stays away from self-harming behavior.
•It cheers up the person by relieving emotional traumas.
•It helps the person get rid of bad thoughts by eliminating the symptoms of depression.
•Citrine stone gives the person a feeling of self-confidence and courage and helps him get rid of his fears.
• Citrine stone, which has antioxidant properties, helps remove toxic substances from the body.
• Citrine stone, which provides spiritual development, makes it easier to establish a connection with the spiritual world and cleans the aura.
•Citrine stone activates massage oils and accelerates circulation by energizing the oil. It also allows the oil to penetrate the skin better.
•It helps you get rid of your phobias and panic attack problems.
•It is useful for people who have trouble falling asleep and sleep disorders.
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