Ruby stone is one of the four most valuable stones accepted in the field of jewelry. Other stones are; It is in the form of Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond. Ruby, a priceless stone in terms of aesthetics and beauty, is called the 'Lord of Stones' by the Indians.

What is Ruby Stone?

Ruby is a stone found in the Corundum group. The hardest and most valuable stone after diamond is Ruby.

It is called 'Rubin' or 'Ruby' in foreign languages.

Ruby, known to be used in laser production, is subjected to fine workmanship in skilled hands and becomes as flashy as a diamond.

Ruby Stone Features:

  1. Its melting point is 2050 degrees.
  2. It is a gemstone with a transparent crystal structure. However, not all parts of this stone are crystalline, and there are also translucent and opaque parts. The opaque type of Ruby is called 'Root Ruby'. Its value is lower than the dark red, shiny and transparent Ruby type, but it is still Ruby. In terms of effect, it is the same as other Ruby. However, its financial value is less.
  3. Its hardness value is 9 and it is very resistant to scratches, breaks, shattering and impacts.
  4. Its density, that is, its specific gravity, is 4 – 4.1.
  5. It is observed in various shades of red color. It has a color scale from pink to purple, from red to brown.
  6. It gets its red color from the chromium element it contains.
  7. The most valuable Ruby; It is vibrant, dark, blood red.
  8. In ancient times, the healing effect of Ruby stone was sought against poisoning and plague.

Where to Find Ruby Stone?

This stone is mostly mined in the following regions:

  1. Sri Lanka,
  2. Burma,
  3. Pakistan,
  4. Afghanistan,
  5. Thailand,
  6. Vietnamese,
  7. Australia,
  8. India,

Which Chakra is Ruby Stone Compatible with?

The 4th Heart Chakra and the 1st Root Chakra are the chakras on which the Ruby stone is effective. Ruby stone can be used to dissolve blockages in these chakras, remove blockages and keep them in balance.

Which Zodiac Sign Is Ruby Stone?

Sagittarius, Leo, Scorpio and Cancer are the zodiac signs that Ruby stone is compatible with. Using a natural stone suitable for your zodiac sign can enable you to benefit from the physical or spiritual effects you expect more quickly and more effectively.

What is Ruby Stone Used for?

Ruby stone, which is seen as healing, is the center of attention with its benefits . Although these do not have 100% scientific and medical value, they have become widespread and popular in various beliefs and sources.

Physical Benefits of Ruby Stone:

  1. It is thought to strengthen the immune system and provide resistance to the body.
  2. It is believed that it restrains excessive sexual urge and suppresses uncontrolled desires.
  3. 'Stimulates blood flow, revitalizes blood circulation.' There is an opinion like this.
  4. 'It purifies the body from negative burdens.' There is a rumor that:
  5. It is claimed that it balances blood pressure.
  6. There are people who believe that it reduces high fever.
  7. It is also thought to help regulate menstrual periods. On the other hand, it has been stated that it relieves menstrual pain.
  8. According to some, the benefits of Ruby stone eliminate the psychological and physiological complaints caused by menopause.
  9. It is rumored that it helps fractures heal faster and strengthens bones.
  10. It has been accepted that it facilitates birth and reduces pain.
  11. It was said; This stone supports the treatment of anemia. It is good for blood diseases.
  12. There is an opinion that it contributes to the healing of heart diseases.
  13. It is claimed that it can be used in the treatment of early menopause, infertility, impotence and sexual dysfunction.
  14. It has been mentioned that it is effective in purifying the body and blood from toxins.
  15. It is stated that it protects against the effects of solar rays and cosmic radiation.
  16. It is said to be effective in the treatment of diarrhea and gas pain.
  17. Rumor has it that this stone is also curative for muscle weakness. It is perfect for muscle pain.
  18. There are people who believe that drinking water with a ruby ​​stone in it protects eye health. It is said to strengthen eye vessels and increase vision.
  19. They said; Ruby stone plays a major role in treating infections with its benefits . It protects from situations that could lead to paralysis. It regulates blood sugar level. It prevents the transmission of infectious diseases to others and supports the recovery of those who suffer from these diseases.

Benefits of Ruby Stone in Psychological and Mental Terms:

  1. It has been said that it creates a revitalizing effect and gives a feeling of freedom.
  2. Some say that this stone enables the expression of emotions such as happiness, self-confidence, courage, leadership and freedom.
  3. It is stated that it encourages honesty and integrity.
  4. It has been reported that it helps a person express himself better.
  5. It is said to be effective against negative emotions and supports spiritual development.
  6. It is considered to increase tolerance, empathy, understanding and love.
  7. It is believed that it helps to stay away from evil and strengthens intuition.
  8. Some have said the following about the benefits of Ruby stone : It transfers the high energy of the red color it carries to the person carrying it. For this reason, keep Yakut on you; It should be used as a precious stone in jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings or necklaces.
  9. It has been suggested that it has three energies. These; wealth, success and love. It is also known as a lucky stone.
  10. It is reported that it acts as a shield against negativities.
  11. 'It makes the heart open to universal love and love. It ensures harmony between partners. It prevents spouses from fighting frequently.' Rumors like this are encountered.
  12. It is said that it protects against negative energies, emotional breakdowns, magic and the evil eye.
  13. It calms hyperactivity; It is said to relieve lethargy, laziness and fatigue.
  14. It is said to sharpen the mind, provide high concentration and awareness, and increase one's success during debate.

How to Clean Ruby Stone?

Precious and semi-precious stones need to be cleaned energetically at regular intervals. First of all, you should clean your stone on the first day you receive it, before you start using it. In the future, you should repeat the cleaning process depending on your usage interval.

It is possible to choose one of the following methods for ruby ​​stone cleaning :

  1. Burning incense (Sandalwood or sage incense is recommended),
  2. Washing under running water for a few minutes - without using any cleaning materials,
  3. Put it side by side with one of the other stones and wait (it is recommended to use a Himalayan Salt Lamp).

Ruby Stone Prices

Ruby stone price options vary depending on its clarity, transparency, shine and color. Hardness value, weight and size also affect the price of Ruby stone .

You can start examining our category to compare all our products in this field and make the right choice. If you need help, you can easily find the appropriate product in line with your budget and intended use by writing to us.

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