You will not read cliché horoscope comments here, you know the unique characteristics of the horoscopes or you can read them all from thousands of different places. Here I will talk about their mystical powers and what they experience when they come into harmony with natural stones, based on my long-term observations and research.
You are very committed to your ideals, you get offended easily but you forgive easily. You're too optimistic, it hurts you so much. Your energy is very high, it is not possible for people who are in the same environment with you to understand this, but your restlessness can be seen on your face. Thanks to Jupiter, your luck mostly goes your way. If you choose the right paths, those paths will definitely lead you to success, just focus on the path a little bit. You like smart people and being smart is a big passion for you. You enjoy competitions and think that the one who runs fast will always win, but often it is not so. I recommend Amethyst and Agate to calm your ambitions and lead you to the right path. Amethyst is for your mood, Agate is for your physical state.
You love life and living very much, you want to leave your own traces in life. Life will end, you accept it, but not in your heart. You like to surround yourself with people who are helpful to you, and you stand behind your actions, even if they are negative. You should accept the negativities and mistakes, Amethyst will help you with this too. We are not trying to create the perfect person, we are just trying to make life easy and positive to live. Amethyst will be very good for you.
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