Zultanite Stone Properties

Zultanite stone has a hardness of 6.5 - 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. However, after it is removed, it is gently removed with the help of a chisel so that it can be used without treatment. With its color changing depending on the light, it is possible to see many colors in Zultanite stone, mainly pink, green and brown.

Zultanite Stone, which originates only in our country, is used in ornaments and jewelry. Alexandrite stone, which is similar to Zultanite stone and changes color just like it, is in the same group as Zultanite, but Alexandrite is mainly mined in Russia. Alexandrite is a stone at least as valuable as Zultanite, but it should not be confused with Zultanite.

The value of Zultanit increases day by day due to its rare beauty and extraction from only one source. Zultanite Stone, which has become a favorite in the jewelery world, seems to not lose its value easily.

While it is pink, purple and brown in sunlight, it turns bright green in artificial white light such as fluorescent. However, there is no transition between just two colors, unlike alexandrite and other color-changing stones in the same group. Zultanite also appears in many shades of green, such as khaki green, sage green, and champagne pink, yellow, pale peach, and crimson under different light sources. Zultanit's vibrant green color containing yellow appears in white light, while its champagne pink appears in yellow light such as daylight or candlelight.

Zultanite stone, in addition to color change, also has a cat's eye feature.

What is the Cat's eye feature of Zultanite Stone?

>> The cat's eye feature is the appearance of a single bright light band across the surface of the stone. It occurs as a result of parallel light reflections.

Zultanite Stone Care and Cleaning

As we mentioned before, zultanite is a gem stone. It should be cleaned delicately and carefully. You can wipe it gently with a damp cloth. Cleaning it by burying it in the ground is an option.

Since Zultanite has just started to be known and used, there is not much information and experience about it. Some known benefits are as follows:

Benefits of Zultanite Stone

  • It helps mental clarity,
  • Reduces body tension,
  • It helps the field to be compatible with the environment,
  • It is effective against the evil eye as it attracts attention.
  • It is encouraging,
  • Absorbs negative energy,
  • It is a confidence booster.

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