Natural Stones

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Amethyst, which means "non-intoxicating" in mythology, gives energy, happiness, peace and vitality. Since it is an energetic stone, it has a revitalizing effect on most people. It is a crystal that you can always carry on you...

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This stone, used by the first Romans in history, contains the Yin Yang philosophy. Yin Yang philosophy tries to reveal the opposite poles and any possible relationship between these poles.

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It reflects light, especially sunlight, with its unique blend of blue, yellow, green and pink tones. This stone is a reflection of nature and this makes it different from many other stones.

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Crystal Quartz stone, whose real name is Quartz Crystal, are crystals found in the form of hexagonal prisms. Quartz is also known as Dragon Tears according to ancient beliefs. It often has a frozen water drop inside, and when broken, it turns into water again...

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Citrine stone, which is rare in nature and one of the most powerful stones in terms of its properties, belongs to the quartz family. Citrine gets its color from iron minarets, hematite and limonite mixed into the composition of silicon dioxide.

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Aquamarine means sea water. It is extracted as large and clean crystal pieces. It is used in jewelry in its processed form.

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rutile quartz

Rutile quartz (Rutile quartz) is an effective integrator for all types of energy. This precious stone, also known as angel hair, has high energy.

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Agate is a very diverse stone that is found in many different colors in nature. Stones known as agate, also known as agate, are in a mixture of red, grey, white, blue, brown and green colours.

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Aragonite stone, which is a fragile and difficult to process stone in terms of its structure, is approximately 2.7 billion years old. It is one of the precious stones with many properties and healing powers...

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garnet / garnet

It is known by three names: garnet, garnet and garnet. Garnet, which is one of the healing stones that turns all the negative energy in the body of the people who use it into positive, has male and female types. The male species is dark red and the female species is light red.

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Zultanite, which started to be recognized and known in the world a short time ago, approximately after the 80s, is a natural stone that has been very popular for the last 10 years, is only mined in our country around Muğla-Milas and can be used in its hundred percent natural raw state.

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eye of the Tiger

It is a popular stone that has been known since ancient times and has survived to this day with the positive energy and emotion it gives to people. The unique color transitions and tones on the stones cause the tiger's eye stone to have a completely different beauty among precious stones.

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Emerald , the stone of mythology and legends, is one of the four most valuable stones in the world. (Other precious stones are Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby. Stones other than these are considered semi-precious stones.)

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Sapphire stone, also known as sky ruby, is one of the most valuable stones in the world. It is hard, heat resistant and often a striking blue colour. But the most valuable one is the clear and deep blue one.

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Ruby stone is one of the four most valuable stones accepted in the field of jewelry. Other stones are; It is in the form of Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond. Ruby, a priceless stone in terms of aesthetics and beauty, is called the 'Lord of Stones' by the Indians.

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Diamond is pure carbon in an equal crystal structure. A diamond can only be cut with another diamond. Its ability to refract light and separate it into the colors in its composition is very high. Its most intense shine occurs as a result of a special cut called "Diamond".

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Amber stone was formed by the fossilization of resins leaking from pine trees millions of years ago. Therefore, amber stone has an organic structure and can contain plant materials and even insects trapped inside.

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Tanzanite is a species of the Zoisite mineral family found in the Morogoro region, Tanzania. The discovery of this stone is quite interesting. In 1967, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania, a farmer discovered an unusual stone in the area.

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Ocean mother-of-pearl is a seashell used primarily in jewelry and ornaments. This shell is obtained from some large clams that live primarily in Japanese and South Pacific waters. .

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Opal stone is also known for its mystical and spiritual properties. According to some beliefs, opal stone helps strengthen a person's psyche and understand it better. Therefore, it helps one become mentally stronger and can reduce the effects of negative thoughts.

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