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Valdaro Lovers 925 Oxidized Silver Necklace

Valdaro Lovers 925 Oxidized Silver Necklace

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I designed the Tomb of the Couple Who Died Hugging Each Other 6 Thousand Years Ago as a small medallion necklace. In Memory of the Lovers of Valdaro. Nor can death separate us.

Metal Used: 925 Oxidized Silver
Length: 25mm
Width: 15mm
Thickness: 5mm
Approximate Weight: 4-7 grams (Including Chain.)
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to help.
We deliver your order to our contracted cargo company within 2-3 business days. After cargo delivery, we send a tracking e-mail to the e-mail address you specified in your order.
Return and exchange status; If you receive a design other than the information we have specified (Size, Color, Material), we will assist you as soon as possible. But if all the standards are as we stated, unfortunately we cannot accept returns. Since they are completely handmade designs, many problems may occur, but when you purchase, we can send you the exact photos or videos of the product that will be sent to you via Instagram and resolve your questions.
You can access the photos we receive from our customers on our Instagram page, in our fixed stories, and in the "from you" section on our website.
As I learned in the Grand Bazaar, I do all my works using pencil craftsmanship, which is a traditional craft used by old Ottoman Armenian masters, and the sculpture-carving technique, which is my field of interest.
In my designs, which are improvised with the emotions felt by the raw, natural stones I use, I combine the stones with the "nailing" technique, which is also an old-school craft, without using any chemical ingredients.
When I combine natural stones, each of which has a different mystical effect on people, with my works, I enchant them with the intention of always bringing goodness to the owner. To research the meanings of natural stones and their compatibility with you, you can access my articles "Horoscope or natural stones" on the home page.
I oxidize and darken the bronze metal I use when creating my designs to give it an aged appearance and to make it look as if it had come out of the ground.
My jewelry does not cause allergies thanks to its special coating.
Unfortunately, I do not re-make products that are sold out as I only make one of most jobs. They must be special, like you.
Maintenance Recommendations to Use Your Moko Art Design Products for a Long Time
*Keep it in a closed box in a dry and moisture-free place.
*Water, sea water, bleach, cream, perfume etc. Avoid contact with substances such as:
*If the product comes into contact with one of these substances, dry it immediately with a dry and soft cloth.
*Do not store your products in humid environments such as bathrooms.
*The coatings of the products may vary over time and may become dull or faded. This may depend on your usage, or in some cases, the acidity in your skin structure or your allergic nature.


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